Efficient document distribution is essential for businesses and organisations to communicate with internal teams and external stakeholders effectively. iPassport offers a powerful feature known as Document Download Links which streamlines the process of sharing controlled documents securely and conveniently.

Easy Sharing Made Simple

With iPassport Document Download Links, sharing controlled documents becomes a breeze. Users can generate links to download PDF copies of important materials like brochures, customer-facing documents, and more. These links can be easily shared on intranets, external websites, or distributed through emails, providing a simple and accessible way to disseminate information.

Always Up to Date

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually updating document links. With iPassport, links can be set to automatically refer to the latest version of the document. Whenever a new version is authorised, the link seamlessly points to the most recent one, ensuring that stakeholders always access the most up-to-date information.

Expiration and Control

Document security and control are paramount in any organisation. iPassport allows administrators to configure links with specific expiration dates. This means that once a link reaches its set expiration date, it becomes inactive, ensuring that outdated or irrelevant documents are not accessible by mistake.

Link History and Management

Keeping track of created links is vital for proper documentation. iPassport provides a comprehensive link history area where users can access valuable information, including usage statistics and the last access date of each link. Additionally, users have the power to manage these links, enabling or disabling them as needed, granting complete control over document accessibility.

Permissions and Settings

In an organisational setting, not all documents are meant for everyone’s eyes. With iPassport, administrators can assign permissions to control who has the ability to create download links for different types of documents. This ensures that only authorised personnel can share specific information externally.

Moreover, the settings can be configured to enable or disable document download links for specific organisational units, tailoring access rights based on each team’s needs.

Secure and Efficient Document Distribution

By leveraging iPassport Document Download Links, users can confidently and efficiently share controlled documents with external stakeholders. The platform’s robust security measures protect sensitive data while allowing seamless access to the right people. This not only streamlines document distribution but also maintains full control over document versions and access permissions.

How we have used document downloads here at Genial…

The recent release of iPassport 3.6.11 introduced a new ‘Resources’ tab within the ‘Help’ menu. This tab contains important documentation and certificates related to iPassport. Leveraging the power of document download links, the iPassport team seamlessly integrated auto-updating capabilities to ensure that the resources provided within the tab remain up to date.

Previously, the team hosted the static PDF files in an S3 bucket. This meant manual uploading of updated resources each time changes occurred. However, by utilising document download links, the iPassport team simplified the process. Now, they can effortlessly review and update documents within iPassport, and the auto-updating feature ensures that the latest resources are automatically served to users. This improvement saves time and eliminates the risk of outdated information being distributed.

Incorporating iPassport Document Download Links into your organisation’s workflow can revolutionise the way controlled documents are distributed. The feature’s user-friendly nature, automatic updates, and customisable settings empower businesses to communicate effectively with internal teams and external partners while maintaining complete control over document versions and accessibility.

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