Genial are looking for an experienced Training Manager to join our Customer Interactions team.

The successful candidate will be responsible for scheduling and delivering training to an audience of compliance minded customers on an in house developed product. This will involve liaising with customers and team members to set up and deliver training to those customers. At the same time, the candidate will be responsible for transitioning away from a face to face training method to a digital platform for self-help subscription-based training. This will require applicants to create (or source suitable methods to create) digital content (video’s, multimedia etc), plan and maintain this new platform and content going forward to make sure it is relevant and in line with the product as it progresses forward.

The candidate will also be a valued member of the customer interactions team and will be required to participate with none technical support requests when required as they would be an expert on the product.


  • Schedule, Deliver and monitor training to existing customers
  • Create and maintain a digital platform/library to deliver training on demand through an LMS
  • Assist in none technical support when required
  • Monitor training usage and ensure use in a timely manner.
  • Make sure training material (both digital and verbal) is up to date and relevant for the audience

Key Skills – Required

  • Experience delivering training to a remote audience
  • Experience creating structured training modules
  • Experience creating and delivering digital training media
  • Experience managing a learning management solution
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Key Skills – Desirable

  • Knowledge of compliance
  • Can create own training video’s using software


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