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Trusted by a worldwide client base

Trusted by a worldwide client base

“Of course, you can turn your spreadsheet off or walk away from your pile of paper and it doesn’t shout at you. So this is this is where the system has really benefited everyone.”

Helen Phillips, Pathology Quality Manager, Royal Marsden Hospital

“That was a milestone to get accredited in 18 months. And we did it. And we couldn’t have done it if we hadn’t had iPassport from the beginning… it made things very, very easy. We’ve had two other inspections since then it’s been a breeze.”

Edda Koina, General Manager, Canberra Clinical Genomic

“Inefficiency is the big threat to accreditation. I estimate 50% more of my time would be devoted to paper chasing if we were trying to do all this manually. iPassport makes life so much easier. Everything is at your fingertips.”

Allison Treloar, Southwest Labs

“I am busy updating documentation in preparation for an accreditation inspection. I just wanted to note that your system is a joy to use and it keeps on improving. Well done, you are certainly making my life easier.”

University College Hospital, Galway

“I’ve never seen a more organized and comprehensive implementation. It was really great. The ability to share things across the system now is just like a dream for us. There’s no guessing, it’s just very sweet to be organised in one place.”

Jennifer Ord, System Director, Quality, Sonora Quest Laboratories

“It’s a very simple system to use and Genial have been fantastic in terms of support, very accommodating and willing to help with anything that they can. The demonstrations and guidance they have provided with training has been great.”


Software solutions

iPassport is a managed software service designed  to help digitise, streamline and improve the day to day management of quality and compliance.

iGene is a genetics laboratory information management system which allows hospitals and laboratories to benefit from enhanced productivity, reduced errors and improvements in quality and compliance, thus ensuring better patient outcomes and optimal use of laboratory resources.

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