Supporting you to identify, monitor and manage risk

Take any process, from clinical to personnel, it’s important to anticipate what could go wrong, how frequently it might happen and the severity of harm that could occur.

Once understood, a plan can be developed to reduce risks as far as possible – find out how our Risk Management module can work for you. The risk management module is currently available in our iPassport product but is also in development to be a stand alone feature.

Fully compatible with Genial’s existing systems, our new Risk Management Module will enable you to:

Develop your Risk Management Framework

Raise, mitigate, and monitor your risks

Identify and eliminate root causes

Effectively manage high priority risks

Develop contingency plans

Stay informed about all risks

Why use Genial’s Risk Module?

Put simply, Genial’s Risk Management Module allows you to demonstrate compliance through comprehensive risk management.

The module allows you to design any number of risk templates. Custom built templates can be used across your entire account or assigned to specific features such as non conforming event management, process change control management and supplier management allowing you to standardise processes, manage and/or eliminate risks to your organisation.

Benefits of using the risk module:

  • Complete visibility of all risks to your operations
  • Identify problem areas
  • Eliminate unacceptable risks
  • Easy access to users via any modern web browser
  • Comply with regulatory standards
  • Customise templates to suit your requirements
  • Achieve & maintain compliance
  • Save money – managing & eliminating risks is far more cost effective in comparison to dealing with the consequences of a unanticipated risk
  • Improve operational excellence and drive profit to your business!

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