Having an effective quality management system within your business provides greater efficiency and reduces wasted time and duplication. It ensures that your business process are more streamlined and consistent, improves risk management and can significantly reduce the stress of inspections.

iPassport is used by hundreds of businesses across the globe to manage their quality processes and plays a unique role in achieving and maintaining accreditation and saving money. iPassport is Cloud-based, which means no installations, local IT or server requirements.

iPassport’s tools allow you to identify issues, deal with them ahead of an inspection and provide evidence of the work undertaken to maintain compliance.

  • Full quality management features:
    • Never miss a document review again
    • Eliminate document control non-conformities
    • Improve communication, collaboration & efficiency
    • Meet regulatory requirements:
      • Never work to outdated documentation
      • Demonstrate approval signatures at every revision
      • Version comparison makes it easy to identify revisions
      • Evidence of staff attestation at your fingertips
      • Assign subject matter competency quizzes & assessments
      • Ensure documentation is available at points of use
      • Immutable history of all revisions, dates and signatures
      • Fully compliant document archiving
      • Fully compliant offline backups
    • Comprehensive functionality to periodically conduct internal audits
    • Ensure operations comply with requirements
    • Identify potential sources of non-conformance and needs for improvement
    • CAPA Management
    • Customizable reports and metric


iPassport provides a complete suite of quality management modules, allowing you to easily keep on top of everything from document control to staff training.

Document control

All your controlled documents stored in one place with appropriate access and edit permissions and full revision history.

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Comprehensive auditing

Everything you need to keep on top of internal and external audits.

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Noncompliance and CAPA management

Record and manage NCs, CAPAs and incidents.

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Team management

Manage staff training and competencies, tasks, meetings and leave.

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Supplier management

A complete supplier database and audit tool including performance reviews.

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Asset and stock management

Manage and track assets and stock including equipment maintenance records.

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Risk management

New for 2022! Supporting you to identify, monitor and manage risk.

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Customer management

Keep track of your customer contacts and interactions including feedback and complaints.

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Why choose iPassport?

iPassport is trusted by laboratory and quality managers at some of the world’s best known healthcare and research facilities. Continually improved and refined since its launch in 2007, we are widely acknowledged as a leader in our field.

Easy to use

Our intuitive system can be easily integrated into your ways of working.

Meet requirements

Functionality designed to give you the smoothest pathway to accreditation or certification.

Web-based system

Access 24/7 from any location, no local IT support or installation required


Continual system improvements including new features, modules and architectural enhancements.


Robust encryption and controls; 99.9% uptime guaranteed as part of SLA

Cost effective

Reduce admin time and eliminate paper; all modules included as standard

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