Struggling with multiple systems that do not integrate?

Wasting valuable time manually resubmitting data?


LabConnector by Genial is a standalone integration engine that allows communication between any electronic systems and hardware instrumentation.

Designed to save you time and reduce errors, LabConnector can talk to a number of hospital and LIMS systems and is HL7 compliant.

Any system designed to speak to another can be used by LabConnector.

Benefits of LabConnector:

  • Improved patient care – by providing rapid and comprehensive test results and reports
  • Streamline your workflow – significantly reduces time, avoiding duplicate data entry
  • Error reduction – the removal of manual input means less errors are going to appear and reduces your risk of clinical incidents
  • Versatility – patient demographics, appointments, billing information, test orders and results all available as separate feeds
  • Seamless integration with other electronic system

What do you need to use LabConnector?

All you need is a server to run it on and integration points established with your IT team. LabConnector can also interface using CSV, REST, Web services, STFP, JSON and XML and has implementations with other lab solutions, EPIC, Cerner, CoPath and more.

If you have any questions at all, please Contact us; we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.