The long-awaited version 3.6.0 of our quality management software iPassport is due to launch within the coming weeks.

As a business we place a high value on continuous improvement and ensuring our products are the most secure, reliable and user-friendly, and we are committed to providing the best service for our clients and staying up to date with industry standards. This new version has a number of enhancements and new updates designed to save our clients time, ensure optimal user experience and ultimately make lab life easier.

See below for a selection of our most important updates (for more detail, please refer to the ‘Release Notes v3.6.0’ (link: in our documentation page):

Review and publishing workflows
Allowing greater and more intuitive control over document reviews and streamlining the publishing process

Improved source file management
Reconfiguring systems to ensure a more streamlined drafting process; adding references to source files and specific permissions to retrieve them

Streamlined document viewing permissions
Users tasked to read a document can be given permission to view it automatically

Improved print management and tracking
Reducing the risk of leaving out of date documents in circulation and centralising information to make it easier to track

User experience
Improved user experience by simplifying the document creation process, making document sharing more intuitive and providing better feedback in several areas

These updates have been designed with our clients in mind and have been implemented to create a streamlined and user-friendly system that works in a more intuitive manner. We identified areas that would ensure optimal performance and could be improved without compromising security or creating a lengthier user process.

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