Inspections can be a stressful time for a business and often caused by lack of both a formal process and the effective tools to manage that process. Below are some of the most common citations and deficiencies which can be resolved by using iPassport.

  • Failure to maintain adequate staff competency records

  • Failure to review documents at required intervals

  • Missing approval signatures

  • Failure to demonstrate staff acknowledgement of documents

  • Having multiple versions of the same document in circulation simultaneously

  • Documents inaccessible at their point of use

  • Failure to manage staff licensure renewals

  • Failure to demonstrate equipment maintenance

It’s widely accepted that the cost of non-conformance can be ten times more expensive than maintaining conformance on a routine basis. Citations therefore cost time & money!

iPassport plays a unique role in achieving and maintaining accreditation and takes the stress out of inspections.

Find out more about iPassport and the modules available to help you to achieve and maintain accreditation or Contact Us for a demo with one of our experts.

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