Cirdan and Genial have combined to offer the best of breed solution for all disciplines in one system which works seamlessly for all labs.

CLOUD FIRST LIS – With a mature Cloud offering. Cloud services can offer a competitive advantage by providing the most innovative technology available

LAST WEB UI – Saves valuable time and resources by producing state-of-the-art reports and using automation software to end repetitive tasks, making digital transformation within the lab a reality

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT – 24/7/365: Cirdan has a longstanding legacy in delivering efficient lab systems around the world, with decades of experience and expertise

VENDOR AGNOSTICOur innovative approach allows us to develop solutions that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each customer

MULTISITE PATHOLOGY – Proven reliability, stability and performance in single and multi-lab environments

DESIGNED BY SPECIALISTSiGene is designed specifically for genomic workflows and clinical services and is supported by a knowledgeable team at Genial

PATIENT DEMOGRAPHICS – Seamlessly integrate demographics from other LIMS solutions


INTEGRATION – Incorporates our LabConnector engine to integrate with other hardware, EPR and software solutions (HL7, REST, CSV, XML etc)

INTEGRATED PEDIGREE DRAWING – Advance functionality to visualize family relationships and modes of inheritance for clinical sites

WEB BASED – Accessed via a web browser on any workstation with nothing to install locally

How do ULTRA and iGene work together?

ULTRA and iGene function as an end-to-end system with specialty focus on pathology and genetics. ULTRA is the main system focusing on pathology.

  • iGene and ULTRA communicate via interfaces and HL7 messages
  • Orders are based between ULTRA and iGene functioning as a single system
  • Additional orders are shared between systems
  • Content is passed back to ULTRA to compile and send out final report

Advantages of a combined system

  • Sample efficiency

  • Requesting and reporting efficiency

  • The holistic, multidisciplinary view for resolving complex cases

  • Ease of capturing and retaining valuable healthcare data and provide tools for data mining and seeking new insights

  • Specialist solutions provided by experts in the relevant disciplines